Let’s Stop the Violence

“In the aftermath of the tragedies of Santa Barbara and other schools, it is crucial for young adults to learn how to effectively communicate with each other, especially for young men to learn how to respectfully communicate with women. - Ryan Clauson


Ryan Clauson has been a professional dating coach for over 10 years and lectures across the country on healthy attraction, dating, and relationship practices. Simply, Ryan teaches you how to find and share love.
One of the major factors that causes students to turn to violence is the thought that it is there only method left to communicate, be heard, and feel significant.
Ryan’s show  gives students appropriate communication skills to express themselves  so they can let others know there feelings and feel significant in healthy ways.
We truly think these teaching will help decrease the acts of violence on our campuses. Let us work together to give students the tools they need to find and share love. Let us stop the violence together.
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